How to Install a Koi Pond Aerator

Most pond owner’s find out quickly that aeration is an important element to creating a healthy environment in their pond for Koi fish. Bigger Koi fish need a huge level of oxygen than smaller fish to live. This is particularly true at the warm summer season. Water that is warm holds less dissolved air than cold. Unluckily this truth is always neglected by Koi keepers. There are many steps which a pond owner has to take to assist to ensure that the backyard pond is perfectly oxygenated. The primary step is to design the pond. The excess of a waterfall adds beauty and assists to include a huge amount of oxygen to the water. For small sized ponds in the moderate weather condition, a waterfall can be enough to keep the pond aerated. The inclusion of potted aquatic plants can assist to include more required air to your water garden or backyard pond. However in bigger ponds a large pond aerator is likely needed.

Different selection of pond aerators:

You can also consider including water lilies that are found in different colors and can assist to make a natural look for all types of water gardens. When including plants in the pond, make sure to wash them properly to reduce changes of producing harmful parasites to the pond. Proper care must be taken over to hide the roots with rocks to avoid them from being damaged by hungry Koi fish. For bigger ponds situated in the areas with hot, but in quality air pump is clearly important. When you are choosing air pump, it is necessary to select an aeration that is rightly sized for your particular requirements. With the latest rise in popularity for ponds and water gardens, now there is a huge selection of pond aeration kits available which you can use for these establishments.

Three methods of pond aeration:

Most of the air pumps are compelled to work harder as the summer season and so, some pump may break down if you want those most. Due the necessity of pond aeration most of the Koi keepers prefer to have a spare air pump handy just if the main air pump fails to work. Pond aeration is the process of giving air to the water body within a pond. This can be done by three methods like a diffused aerator, high volume surface aerator and a fountain aerator. A diffused aerator is the perfect aerator for lakes, ponds or tanks.
Diffused aerator:


If the right size of this aerator is rightly installed, it will give aeration for the full volume of water. They can be cheaper to perform because it needs less pressure to push oxygen. But a diffused aerator is not good to look and the air pump wants to be guarded from snow, rain etc. It can be operated throughout the day for optimal aeration. Fountain aerator is the one can offer the water feature, but does not give aeration to the total water body. It is costly to operate because it needs a lot of energy to push water. With the inclusion of good fountain lights, there is an extra cost to run. A surface aerator works at the pond surface steadily churning the water that offers certain pond aeration. They are made for shallow water bodies. If the right quantities and sizes of these aerators are availed and effectively installed, they can give complete pond aeration.
Pond aeration kits:

Surface aerators can be the best option for bigger ponds and lakes where the water is less than six inches deep and shallow. If you like to have complete pond aeration, the best option of aeration will be diffused aeration method. If you want to have something beautiful, the good choice will be fountain aerator, but you should know that the pond is not aerated from the bottom. Just look at the pond aeration system size is made for before placing. You can also get benefit from using designed aeration kits found in the market today. Companies have made the calculations needed, hence the air pump air bubbler or air diffuser and a contributed diameter and length of air tubing perform best. It can be affordable to purchase a kit than purchasing every piece separately.


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